First Appearance

Anpanman's Birth

Voiced By

Chika Sakamoto


Donburi (wishes to his age 5)

Tendonman is a recurring character in the Anpanman anime. He is one of the most popular characters, and is a member of the Donburi Trio along with Katsudonman and Kamameshidon.


Tendonman is one of the many characters with a bowl as a head, his being pure white and filled with Tendon (rice topped with tempura). His face has round eyes and a small pink nose and round pink cheeks, and the tails of his tempura usually stick out his lid.

He wears a brown short sleeved jumper and brown pants, with a pink vest over the top and a long sheeved blue shirt underneath. He has a blue scarf tied around his neck, and n his feet he has blue socks with sandals, showing just how fashionable he is.

Like all the Donburi Trio, he has rather thick black eyebrows.


Tendonman is almost always happy and loud, dancing around singing. He rarely gets very mad, even when he fights with the other donburi. When they have a "break up" fight and go their separate ways, the other two tend to go and force feed people their food to show how good they taste, wheras Tendonman tends to go and find somewhere to sit down and think quietly, though this isnt always the case.

He is the bravest of the three, not being afraid of things and places everyone else is. Infact when the others are afraid he sometimes teases them, making comments about ghosts and spooky things to scare them more.


Chopsticks: Tendonman almost alwats carries around chopsticks, one in each hand, which he uses to tap his head with he dances. He has fought with them a few times however.

((I don't know much about him fighting with his chopsticks, please add infomation???))