Tekka no Maki-chan (鉄火のマキちゃん) is a character in the Anpanman anime.


Tekka no Maki-chan is a human-like person with pale skin, black hair, and realistically-shaped eyes with big black irises. She is based on tuna sushi, which is why she features two tuna sushi rolls in her head.

Maki-chan is a fighter, and she helps the main heroes stop Baikinman in many conflicts. Her weapon is a makitsu.

In 2009, a younger character of Maki-chan's kind, Tekka no Komaki-chan was introduced as an ally for her.


Tekka no Maki-chan first appeared in the episode" Anpanman and Tekka no Maki-chan" (August 28, 1989). She continues to appear in about more than two dozens of episodes throughout the series. Maki-chan is also a notable minor character in the series.

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