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Gender Female
First Appearance Ep300 - Rollpanna's Secret
Voiced By Mina Tominaga

Rollpanna is Melonpanna's older sister and a neutral character in series.

When she was being created by Uncle Jam, Baikinman added a bad ingredient, Baikin Grass, to the mix, which caused Rollpanna to be born with two hearts; One good and one bad. Her bad heart is triggered when she sees Anpanman or when Anpanman is mentioned. Her good heart is triggered when she sees Melonpanna. Because of this, her evil half is a powerful ally to Baikinman, who attempts to keep Melonpanna away when Rollpanna is battling Anpanman.

Rollpanna is aware of what she does, and stays away from everyone. She decides to live in the mountains,so she doesn’t hurt anyone. Despite this, she will appear if Melonpanna calls for her or if Baikinman triggers her bad heart. After Baikinman is defeated, she returns to the mountains


Rollpanna is always seen with a white, turban like wrap around her head and face, marked with a red R, for Rollpanna. She has a curly lock of dark brown hair sticking out of her turban. Her eyes are a turquoise blue, and her cape is a bright cyan. Rollpanna's outfit is mostly black, with a white belt, gloves, and shoes. On her chest are two hearts that represent her good and evil side. The one on the left is red, the symbol of love, and the one on the right is blue, the symbol of hatred. When she is happy, her red heart glows.

When turning into black Rollpanna, her evil form, her turban/head wrap turns a dark grayish black. Her belt, gloves, and shoes turn black as well. Rollpanna's eye color changes from blue to red, and the blue heart on her chest tends to glow brighter.


Rollpanna is a very quiet girl. She always helps Melonpanna when she calls out for Rollpanna.


Rollpanna has the ability to hear her sister’s call if Melonpanna calls her.

Weapons and Equipment[]

Rollpanna's main weapon is a gymnastics ribbon. She can use it to wrap up her enemies or cause tornadoes.



Rollpanna's unintentional enemy. Her bad heart created by Baikainman will cause her to attack him whenever he is mentioned or seen. Despite this, Anpanman doesn't see her as an enemy. This is likewise with the good Rollpanna who stays away from everyone, including Anpanman, so no one is hurt.


Rollpanna's younger sister. Rollpanna cares deeply for Melonpanna, always coming to help her if called. The sight of Melonpanna can cause Rollpanna to revert to normal, while mentioning her causes her evil half to hesitate. In one episode, Rollpanna's fear of losing her sister comes to play while she is having a nightmare.


The two get along and could be considered friends. They first met when Uncle Jam took everyone on a trip to snow mountains close to where Rollpanna was. In a huff, Currypanman flew into snow, causing Rollpanna to laugh. The two talked and were able to work together to escape from an avalance. Despite this, even Currypanman isn't able to stop Rollpanna's evil heart, though he also causes her to hesitate. Like Anpanman, he doesn't blame her for her evil half.

During one attack, Rollpanna remembers him flying into the mountains as a fond memory.


Like Currypanman, the two get along and could be considered friends. They first met during a rainstorm when Shokupanman's truck broke down and he had to spend the night in the forest. Rollpanna stumbled across him and ran a fever. He looked after her while she was unconscious, despite her telling him to leave her along and acting cold to him. They warmed up to each other when Rollpanna woke up from a nightmare and he comforted her. When Anpanman appeared and triggered Rollpanna's bad heart, Shokupanman was able to get her to calm down and rever to normal (the first person besides Melonpanna to do so) by showing her a flower the two had been looking after the night before. Rollpanna left soon after, not wanting to hurt him. Like Currypanman, Rollpanna's bad heart can hesitate when she sees Shokupanman. Shokupanman doesn't blame her for attacking him or his friends due to knowing about her bad heart.


Rollpanna's enemy and unintentional ally. Baikainman is responsible for creating her bad heart and making her stay away from everyone, including her sister. She holds a grudge against him for this, but is forced to participate in some of his plans when he triggers her bad heart.


The two don't interact much, though Rollpanna seems to tolerate her. Despite knowing that she is an ally of Baikainman, Rollpanna does trust what Dokichan says as she followed her when Dokichan said Melonpanna was being held captive (though this could have been her protectiveness of her sister).

Evil Rollpanna after seeing Anpanman


To many fans, Rollpanna is seen as a tragic heroine.

Miina Tominaga also voices Dokinchan after Hiromi Tsuru (Dokinchan's original voice actress) passed away in 2017.