Omusubiman (おむすびまん) is a character in the Anpanman anime.


Omusubiman is named after "omusubi", another name of onigiri, or rice ball. In his head he has 2 wrapping sides at from four sides of his head. He wears typical Japanese clothing and a straw hat. He fights with a cane.

Omusubiman has a student, Komusubiman, which appear together after his debut.


Omusubiman first appeared in the episode "Anpanman and Omusubi Man" (October 24, 1988), making him a very early character that debuted in the anime.

He and Komusubiman appears in numerous episodes throughout the series, which made them become notable characters in the anime.

Both Omusubiman and Komusubiman have their own DVD that includes some of the episodes they're featured.

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