Naganegiman (or Negi-ojisan) (ナガネギマン/ネギーおじさん) is a character in the Anpanman anime.


Naganegiman is a humanoid leek. Negi posesses two different forms. In his civilian form , he has a split green "hair", a green shirt, blue pants, a yellow scarf, and brown shoes (called Uncle Negi). In his other, but frequent swashbuckling form (called Naga-ojisan), he wears a green uniform, boots, and cape, a black hat and mask, and a red "N" in his torsal. Negi also wields a rapier. He is intended to be a parody of the fictional character Zorro.


Naganegiman made his first appearance in an episode that debuted on March 26, 1999. He made numerous appearances in many more episodes and he became a frequent minor character in the anime.

A DVD containing some episodes that featured him was produced. Few toys based on him exists.