Mushibaikinman (ムシバキンマン) is a character in the Anpanman anime. He is the archenemy of Hamigakiman.

Description Edit

Mushibaikinman is a green germ with lighter green gloves and boots. He has a single antenna and large, triangular teeth. His voice is deep and gruff, despite his small stature. His catchphrase is his distinctive laugh, "Mushi-shi-shi-shi."

Relationships Edit

Mushibaikinman fights constantly with his nemesis, Hamigakiman. When covered with toothpaste and scrubbed by a toothbrush, he shrinks (like Baikinman and bathing.) He and Baikinman sometimes help each other with schemes.

Equipment Edit

Mushibaikinman carries a red, two-pointed spear which causes painful cavities. These cavities are easily fixed by Hamigakiman's toothpaste.