Koyuki-chan (こゆきちゃん) is a character in the Anpanman anime.


Koyuki is a fairy with dark eyes, pale skin, and dark blue or purple hair with twin braids that have pink bows on them. She wears a cyan colored coat, a scarf, and a big winter hat.

Koyuki lives in an snowy island with few mountains, which also has some Yukidaruman snowman creatures.


Koyuki-chan first appeared in the episode "Anpanman and Koyuki-chan" (October 26, 1992). She also appears in the episode "Melonpanna and Koyuki-chan" (February 9, 2001), where she befriends Melonpanna.

She is a featured character in the Anpanman Happy Birthday January edition, released in 1995.