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First Appearance

Movie 3 - Fly! Fly! Chibigon (broadcast order) Ep159A - Anpanman and Horrorman (chronologically)

Voiced By

Kaneta Kimotsuki (1991-2016)
Kazuki Yao (2017-present)



Horrorman (ホラーマン) is a character in the Anpanman anime. He usually lives with Baikinman as he loves Dokinchan, however he dosn't always go along with their villanous ways. 


Horrorman is a skeleton wearing a long, tattered purple shirt with a pair of crossed bones on the chest. He has protruding kneecaps and cheekbones, and a mouth that is always showing his teeth (much like Kama midshipman)


Horror man is very happy-go-lucky and clumsy. He enjoys being nice to others, however he doesn't seem to care about hurting their feelings either.

He enjoys scaring people, although that rarely happens when he wants it to due to his usual goofy nature. He usually manages to scare people by pure accident, but when he purposefully tries to scare someone, it ends in failure.


He’s obsessed with Dokinchan, and is constantly running around picking flowers and finding food to suit her needs in vain attempts to impress her.

Abilities and Powers[]

The bones on his shirt can be taken off and thrown as boomerangs.


He is one of the few recurring undead characters in the Anpaman series, as there are some other undead characters. (They are not named due to the immense amount of characters)