Mushibakinman; Hamigakiman; Mushibakinman



First Appearance

Ep3A - Anpanman and Hamigakiman

Voiced By

Kaneto Shiozawa; Daisuke Sakagushi

Hamigakiman (はみがきまん) is a character in the Anpanman series.


Hamigakiman is a tube of toothpaste with a whit emiddle between pink ends. He has a grey screw cap on his head, and a round pink nose. His mouth is always closed, showing his teeth, and he has two small pink cheeks.


He is always cheery, greeting people with a wave and a "Good-Hamigaki-Morning!". His job is to teach people how to brush their teeth, and supplies toothbrushes to the townsfolk. He is always patient, even with his nemisis, Mushibakinman.


Toothpaste: Hamigakiman is filled with a white toothpaste, which can cure any toothache. If it runs out, however, he becomes crinkled and weak.

Toothbrush: He carries around a large, pink toothbrush, which he has many uses for. He brushes his own teeth with this, and others, as well as using it as a weapon.


Hamigakiman first appears in Anpanman Mini-Books 16: Anpanman and Hamigakiman (published in January 1984). His anime debut is in the episode "Anpanman and Hamigakiman" (October 17, 1988).


  • His original design had a different mouth, one which he could open and close.