Hamburger Kid



First Appearance

Anpanman & Hamburger-kid

Voiced By

Yuji Mitsuya


Hamburger humanoid

Hamburger-kid (ハンバーガーキッド) is a character in the Anpanman anime

Description[edit | edit source]

Hamburger-kid is a cowboy with a hamburger head. He wears stereotypical cowboy clothing and hat, utilizes a lasso, and rides a green horse named Pickles.

Hamburger-kid is the guardian of a Western-styled town in Anpanman's world.

He is a parody of Hamburglar from McDonald's

Appearances[edit | edit source]


Hamburger-kid, as featured in a DVD cover.

Hamburger-kid first appears in the episode "Anpanman & Hamburger-kid" (May 8, 1989). He made many more appearances in the anime since his debut.

He has a character series DVD which includes many episodes he was featured. 

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