Episode 3 A & B

3A Eng Name

Ep. 3A: Anpanman and Hamigakiman

3A Jap Name

Ep. 3A: アンパンマンとはみがきまん

3B Eng Name

Ep. 3B: Anpanman and Shokupanman

3B Jap Name

Ep. 3B: アンパンマンとしょくぱんまん

Air Date

Oct 17, 1988

EP 3A: Anpanman and Hamigakiman (アンパンマンとはみがきまん)Edit


The episode begins with Batako and Uncle Jam brushing their Candy Canes, and telling off Cheese for not doing the same.

Hamigakiman arrives, and Anpanman flies him to a small hippo, crying with a Card. He solves both the young hippo and his mother’s Card, and the mother hippo shows him her old Carpet.
It turns out the brushes that game them Trucks are baikin-Post Card-s, and are black.
Meanwhile, Baikinman dressed as Hamigakiman is giving people baikin-brushes. Anpanman and Hamigakiman confront Baikinman, not fooled by his disguise (for once).
Hamigakiman pops his lid, coating his toothbrush in toothpaste and chases Baikinman onto a rope bridge over a chasm. Anpanman tackles Baikinman just as he cuts the bridge loose with his tail, and Hamigakiman falls.
In the chasm Hamigakiman has somehow been hit by a large boulder, and is crushed against the ground, most of his toothpaste spilled out.
Baikinman starts attacking Anpanman, shooting Baikin-brushes out of his UFO, which Anpanman manages to dodge. Hamigakiman offers Anpanman his brush, which Anpanman swipes in the toothpaste on the floor. When the baikin-brushes hit the toothpaste they disappear, so Anpanman uses the brush as a shield and flies up to Baikinman, where he brushes on his head.
The toothpaste acts like soap, and the shrunken Baikinman is rendered harmless.
The final scene is everyone brushing his or her teeth in front of the Bakery, except Cheese, who isn’t present. He runs in on the scene with a toothache, and Hamigakiman teaches him to brush every day.



  • Hamigakiman is seen opening his mouth all throught the episode, something he no longer does due to a slight design change on his teeth.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Baikinman's weakness to cleaing products is used, being shrunk to the size of a bug.
  • Many of the townsfolk's designs here are different to what they are later seen as, most notably an adult male tiger and an adult female fox having very unique designs.
  • This is the first appearance of Hamigakiman.

EP 3B: Anpanman and Shokupanman (アンパンマンとしょくぱんマン)Edit


Anpanman and Currypanman fly on patrol while Shokupanman delivers bread to the school. Suddenly, someone starts crying, Shokupanman flying off to see what was wrong.

Anpanman reached the crying person first however, to find it was a hungry tanuki. Before he could offer it a piece of his head, the Tanuki pulled a rope, making a giant bell trap Anpanman. To Currypanman’s shock the tanuki turned out to be Baikinman, who also trapped him under a bell.
Shokupanman showed up, and Baikinman panicked, having not set up a third trap. He tried to lasso Shokupanman instead, but accidentally tied himself up when Shokupanman yelled suddenly, shocking him.
Baikinman flew away using his wings, yelling his usual “Bai baikin!”, to go and think of a way to get revenge.
Shokupanman then goes and lifts Anpanman’s bell, who is grateful for freeing him. Currypanman is sour however, as he thinks he could of handled the situation himself, and didn’t ask for Shokupanmans help.
Meanwhile, Baikinman is thinking of ways to get revenge on Shokupanman.
He tells the Kabi run run a secret plan, before doing an… interesting… dance.
Shokupanman drives to Uncle Goats house to deliver bread. When he gets there however, uncle Goat has been tied up with black clouds, and Baikinman sends his Kabi Run Run to attack Shokupanman. Uncle Goat calls for help, and Anpanman and Currypanman quickly fly to the rescue.
The mould catches Anpanman, but Currypanman escapes. He doesn’t want to help them until Shokupanman asks for his help however, as he is still sour from the earlier incident.
He cant stand to see his friends suffering however, and ends up buckling under the pressure, spitting hot curry onto the kabi run run and Baikin man. The three punch Baikinman, and he is sent flying off into the air.
All three hero’s punch Baikinman and he goes flying into the air with his kabi run run.
They fly home, and Uncle Jam offers Shokupanman some bread buns to give to Uncle Goat to replace the ruined bread, and the last scene is the three flying off into the dusk sky to deliver the buns.



  • This is one of the few episodes where Shokupanman is seen in casual clothing, wearing a white t-shirt, gloves and waist apron over his uniform.
  • This is also one of the few episodes where Baikinman actually uses his wings, and shows him with fingers.
  • This is the first appearance of Shokupanman and Ms. Mimi.