"The Birth of Anpanman" (Jp. アンパンマン誕生, herp. Anpanman Tanjō) is a Soreike! Anpanman! episode. In this episode, Uncle Jam adopts Anpanman.

Anpanman's Birth

Japanese Title


Air Date

Oct 3, 1988



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Uncle Jam was in the bakery kneading dough. Buttero came in with some coffee, and asked him what kind of bread he is making, to which he said that he is making anpan, and he is putting his heart into making it.
That night he put the dough into the oven, and they both stayed up late to wait for it.
Suddenly a stream of stars flew through space towards the planet (with an egg following close behind). The stars poured into the chimney of the bakery and push into the oven, flashing from inside Uncle Jam ran to save his bread, but tripped over a bucket, then was too bad for the light to move.
The door of the glow burst open, and a small baby Anpanman hovered in the air, slowly floating down into Uncle Jam’s arms.
The baby that his name was Anpanman, and the two decided to adopt him.
The egg however continued to fly on past the bakery, until it landed on the top of a tall rock in the middle of a stormy part of the ocean. Lightning struck the egg, and it hatched into a baby Baikinman.
Some time later, Uncle Jam and Buttero were having a picnic, with a young Anpanman flying around. He wasn’t very good at flying yet however, and starts going too fast, stuck into a tree. He tries again, going much slower, before having a race with a crow. This makes him dizzy however, and he falls down near a tree. Uncle Jam goes to catch him but slips off the cliff too. Buttero falls to the ground and starts crying, thinking that they have both died, but Anpanman manages to lift Uncle Jam back to safety.
Later on Anpanman decides to help other people using his powers, like he did Uncle Jam. He hears something crying, and goes to see what was wrong.
In the middle of the forest was a brown dog, and Anpanman got the idea to feed him some of his own head to ease his hunger, before flying him back to the bakery. The flight home was wonky and slow however, to his head being broken.
When he got home Uncle Jam replaced his head, and they kept the dog, naming it Cheese.
Baikinman had grown older as well, and had built his large metal base where he had hatched. Inside he had also build several machines for him to work out with. He explains to the viewer who he is, and what he wants to do (destroy Anpanman).
On Anpanman’s third birthday he had a larger head to fit his larger body from Uncle Jam, and a larger cape from Buttero. He blew out the candles on his cake, and flew off to go on patrol.
In Baikinman’s home he was finishing off his UFO, a birthday present to himself he shares a birthday with Anpanman.
on his patrol Anpanman comes across Tendonman, dancing to his own song as usual. Anpanman flies down and Tendonman introduces himself, letting Anpanman smell how delicious he is. When Anpanman introduces himself, Tendonman makes a comment on how anpan tastes good but is nowhere near as good as Tendon, before dancing away.
Baikinman flies past and smells Tendonman, ambushing him and taking his Tendon. Tendonman chases him, biting his tail. Anpanman flies over to see what the trouble is, and Baikinman gets in his UFO to fight him. Anpanman is defeated in a single attack however, covering him in a dark liquid, so he flies away.
Tendonman is sulking over his head being empty, and Anpanman floats over shakily to take him back to the bakery to have their heads replaced. They all decide that Baikinman needs to be taught a lesson.
That afternoon Baikinman was having a nap on a tree when he smelled something delicious. He used his wings to buzz towards it and investigate, to find it was a massive bowl of Tendon. He jumps in to eat it, when a giant lid was dropped on him by an angry Anpanman and Tendonman.
Baikinman used a remote control to call his UFO to get the lid off, before chasing down Anpanman, shooting sludge at him. Anpanman flew out of the way, making Baikinman crash into a tree.
Anpanman picked him up and dropped him into a bath, where Uncle Jam and Butterko washed him, turning him into the size of a bug, and he floated away in a bubble.
Back at the bakery they said goodbye to Tendonman, and Anpanman flew off into patrol again.

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  • This was the first episode, and is both a special (being 20 minutes long rather then two 10 minute long episodes) and the pilot.
  • This is the first apearance of Anpanman, Baikinman, Uncle Jam, Buttero, Cheese and Tendonman outside of the books.
  • Since the debut of Anime in earlier episodes, Anpanman had smaller eyes and Baikinman had antennas bigger.
  • Many of the characters show fingers in this episode, something that is hardly seen in the later episodes.
  • Baikinman also has a very flexible tail in this episode, looking more like Dokinchan's.
  • This is the second adaption of book series since the first 1979 anime adaption aired during Spring Break Children's Hiroba - Picture Book on NHK General TV.
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