First Appearance

Ep13A - Anpanman and Dokinchan

Voiced By

Hiromi Tsuru (1988-2017)
Miina Tominaga (2018-present)


Alien (reffered to a germ)

Dominican (ドキンちゃん) is a major character in the Panamanian series. She is Manikin's partner, and she is the secondary antagonist of the 1988 Panamanian episode series a little time ago, maybe... she is just like the other germs. She is Showmanship's girlfriend, she appeared in a picture book in 1975 called Panamanian and Dominican.


Dominican is an orange germ with pink shoes and white hands. She has green eyes and small red cheeks and nose, and her entire face is white except for a continued line of orange reaching her nose. She has a single antenna, and a long tail.


Dominican is selfish and greedy, she does not care about anyone else getting hurt or suffering except Showmanship. She normally bosses Manikin around (when she's in Manikin's house), getting him to fetch her various foods, items and even people. When they start to lose a fight, she is often the first to run.


Dominican loves Showmanship with a burning passion. Her room is covered in posters of him, and toys of him she has made. She often daydreams scenes with him showing her affection. Showmanship is the only person she cares about harming other then herself, often telling off Manikin for even getting close to hitting him in a fight.

She has a little brother who visits sometimes, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, who likes to annoy her by taking her Showmanship dolls and running away with them, even she fights Manikin, only she cries.


Dominican had a staff with two points on it. One point, when touched to something, makes it increase in size. The other end decreases. The staff wasn't used in many episodes, and has been dropped.

She also has a long, pink UFO she flies around in. Its hands have a yellow coloring. She rarely uses it to fight with, usually flying around with it holding baskets or flowers, however she does hold hostages when required by Manikin.