The youngest of Anpanman's friends and Melonpanna's little brother. He's 6 years old. His head's made from cream and his eyes look like panda's eyes. But he doesn't like it when people Call him Panda. Despite his immaturity and relative weakness as compared to Anpanman and his hero friends, he's courageous cute, protective of his friends, and he has a "never give up" attitude. He has a immature character causes him to sometimes get into petty squabbles and competitions of one-upsmanship with the other younger characters on the show. Because his head resembles a hand, he has a special headbutt attack called the "Guu-Choki-Punch" (Guu-Choki-Pa means Rock, Scissors, Paper in Japanese). Relatively powerful when it connects, it fails to connect more often than not. He first appeared in episode 469.

It got scared by a Jack-of-Clubs


Plush edition of him.

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