First Appearance

Ep1 - Anpanman's Birth

Voiced By

Koichi Yamadera


Dog (butterko's pet)

Cheese (チーズ) is a dog in the anime Anpanman. He is one of the main characters living in the Bakery, and is in almost every single episode.


Cheese is a small, light brown dog with a dark brown tip on his tail. He lives in the bakery after being saved by Anpanman in the first episode, and is close friends with Butterko.

He shows great intelligence, understanding language and doing things just as well as everyone else, but cannot talk. He helps out in the bakery, often drives the Anpanman Go, and is usually the first to see an SOS signal.

Earlier in the series he mainly walked on four legs, but is mostly seen now on two, although he still sits like dogs normally do. He also sleeps outside in a loaf shaped dog house, with his own water bowl.


Cheese is overdramatic and silly, tending to be the comic releif for the show. He has a large appetite, and gulfs down food hungrily. He is brave, charging off to help Anpanman into dangerous places, and is someone who often throws/carrys Anpanman's replacement head.

Although often seen helping out with baking, he can be lazy at times, often trying to get out of doing chores.


Smell: Cheese, being a dog, is very good at tracking down others scents. He can find out wherever anyone has gone to by just putting his nose to the ground.