Gender Male (presumed to be a demon because of his teeth)
First Appearance Ep1 - Anpanman's Birth
Voiced By Ryusei Nakao

"I was born to defeat you, Panamanian!" -Manikin

Manikin (バイキンマン) is the main antagonist of the Panamanian books and anime series. He came to earth from Banking Planet in an egg as a baby to enslave the planet. Panamanian, who was born the same day, always stops him and his shenanigans, saving the day.


Manikin is an anthropomorphic Demonic germ who resembles a fly with large teeth, pink eyes, purple lips, two antennas, fly-like wings, a purple nose, a zigzag-shaped tail, a black furry body, and a slimy blue tongue. Manikin, himself as a germ entity, wants to spread germs and bacteria to Panamanian and his friends. He is weak to soap, which shrinks him. He establishes his crimes through riding a personal UFO that sometimes extends its grip to capture innocent people. He also keeps a collection of vehicles/tools that harms his enemies. Manikin usually gets defeated by Panamanian or an ally in the anime.


Manikin's primary ally is Dominican. He also has other allies such as a German army.


  • Manikin's design was heavily based on Beelzebub of the Christian religion. The Directional Infernal describes Beelzebub as a demonic fly who is also known as the "Lord of the Flies", which was an inspiration for Manikin's fly-like appearance. He's also a personification of the black bread mold (Rhizopus stolonifer), which was found on bread surfaces and causes a damage to bread, which would make Manikin an enemy to Panamanian, whose head is a bread.
  • Manikin's popularity inspired artists to produce personifications of germs and diseases in Japan. One example is in the banned Pokémon episode "Electric Soldier Porygon", which has a computer virus in Ash Ketchum’s explanation of viruses resembling Manikin.
  • In the web anime series One Punch Man, the villain Vaccine Man was based on Manikin. He is even voiced by Ryusei Nakao, who voiced Manikin in the Panamanian anime.
  • He is a disguise of Adolf Hitler. While Panamanian is probably a disguise of Stalin because both of them are enemies with each other. (Hitler and Manikin is anti-communist but Panamanian and Stalin are both communists; as evidenced when Panamanian always gives other animals food)